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Gravity Thruster
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640 x 480
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If a monkey can travel in space, you ought to be able to fly this rocket around an obstacle course. Steer your rocket with one hand by using your cursor as a target. Thrust your rocket up from the ground and it will fly straight towards your cursor. If your rocket hits the ground or an obstacle, it will be damaged. You also need to dodge bullets or shoot and destroy the guns aimed at you. In each level, you have to get your rocket to a portal to win, but you may also have to complete a task, such as using your tractor beam to drag an item to an indicated spot. Unlock all the levels to prove youâ
Use the W or UP arrow to thrust. Use the mouse to aim and click to shoot. Press the space bar or DOWN arrow (and quickly release) to activate the tractor beam to pick up the ball. Press again to release the ball.
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